The project book has been published

 The project photo/carto/historio/graphies catalogue-book "Mapping Lithuanian Photography: Histories and Archives" has been published in the begining of 2008. In 224 pages billingual (English and Lithuanian) book you can find texts and unfoldable maps. It can be acquired through contacting the publisher MENE – or  in

photo/carto/historio/graphies is an artistic research project,
which uses cartographic strategies to rethink the developments, ideas and
stereotypes of Lithuanian photography. This book is a reader and catalogue of
the project’s exhibitions. The essays published here discuss the re/creation of
history and visual constructions of history in cinema, contemporary art and
particularly photography. Everything that could not be included into the book (videos,
internet comments, etc.) can be found in the project’s blog


08 Preface

12 photo/carto/historio/graphies:
Ideas, Genealogy and Mapping
Lina Michelkevi??, Vytautas Michelkevi?ius, Agn? Narušyt?

58 The Archive, the Media, the Map and the Text
Rudolf Frieling

110 Between Truth and Memory: Images in Lithuanian Historical
R?ta Šermukšnyt?

136 Expressions of Domination in the Discourse of Representations of
the Past
Vasilijus Safronovas

160 The
Battle of People with Extra-Sensory Powers, or, the Successful
Copulation of Flamingos in Captivity with the Help of
Mirrors or Photography
Valentinas Klimašauskas

176 Plan of the Exhibition in Prospektas Gallery and Index of Works

180 The Map of Exhibitions. Version No. 00
Lina Michelkevi??, Vytautas Michelkevi?ius, Agn? Narušyt?

186 Interviews on History and Photography (fragments from video)

190 Images from the Exhibition

210 Index and Descriptions of the Maps

216 Book Contributors




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